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Why Join

We proudly spotlight the Auburn business community and are dedicated to their growth and success. We build programming to educate and develop, connect with influential business and community leaders to stay informed, foster networking opportunities for our members, and take every opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our business community. 

We provide resources and leadership training to our thriving business community to foster connections, forge strategic partnerships, and ultimately strengthen bonds within our community. 


Celebrate: We celebrate the success of our members and highlight their accomplishments.

Connect: We believe in being engaged members of our community. We actively connect with others and build relationships with other stakeholders to create an environment that encourages collaboration.

Educate: We champion knowledge and skill development in our community. Through programs and partnerships, we provide professional development opportunities that can lead to prosperity and growth.

Inform: We keep our community informed through regular updates, newsletters, and events. We strive to provide valuable insights and knowledge to empower individuals and businesses with the information they need to thrive.

Promote: We promote the growth and prosperity of our community by showcasing its unique strengths and opportunities. Through marketing efforts, we raise awareness, ultimately bolstering the local economy.

Serve: We are dedicated to serving our community and are in tune with its needs and concerns.

Ready to join?

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